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The abaya is a loose over garment, essentially a robe like dress, worn by some women. Often though not
always abayas
are black with designs or patterns on back, collar, neck or sleeves.  Abayas cover the whole body
except the face, feet and  hands. Abayas can be worn with brooches, hijabs, gloves, niqabs, pins and/or rings.

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Ladies Aroosah Bridal Abaya

Ladies Aroosah Bridal Abaya£79.99   £55.99Add to Basket

Alena (Silk) Lace Abaya

Alena (Silk) Lace Abaya£79.99   £54.99Add to Basket

Blue Cerise Zohra Abaya

Blue Cerise Zohra Abaya£60.00   £51.99Add to Basket

Rosy Abaya

Rosy Abaya£60.00   £51.99Add to Basket

Gold Diamante Abaya

Gold Diamante Abaya£60.00   £50.99Add to Basket

Red Diamante Abaya

Red Diamante Abaya£60.00   £50.99Add to Basket

2 Tone Diamante Abaya

2 Tone Diamante Abaya£60.00   £49.99Add to Basket

Frilled For Diamonds Abaya

Frilled For Diamonds Abaya£69.00   £49.99Add to Basket

Golden Flow Abaya

Golden Flow Abaya£59.99   £49.99Add to Basket

Ladies Azraq Abaya

Ladies Azraq Abaya£64.99   £47.99Add to Basket

Rosy Blue Ladies Abaya

Rosy Blue Ladies Abaya£55.00   £47.99Add to Basket

Nafeesa Abaya

Nafeesa Abaya£55.00   £45.99Add to Basket

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Show All Products

Page 1 of 4:    46 Items